What is TB? How is it treated?

TB is a bacteria which can be active and can multiple in the body with the right immune system. One cannot stop the bacteria from growing and can grow into the TB disease. People with TB can easily spread it to others as well. It is very important that people realise the intensity of the issue, which will allow them to get treated without spreading. Try to make sure that you are taking the right measures which will allow you to take the drugs are prescribed. Try to make sure that you have stopped the intake of drugs which will allow you to stay safe. The TB bacteria ever after the medications can be alive as they become more resistant to the drugs. The TB disease can easily be treated in by taking several drugs, and the treatment can last anywhere from six to nine months.

The Treatment

Generally, there are two types of TB latent and active. The Treatment

Treatment for Latent TB

Latent TB, can be reactivated, which can cause a lot of infections. This is where the doctors prescribe medications which will allow you to kill the inactive bacteria. Doctors can offer these three types of medications for TB. Isoniazid: This is one of the most common medication which is given to the patient who is suffering from latent TB. Is typically taken an isoniazid antibiotics pills which is required to be taken for more than nine months. Rifampin: This is also an antibiotic which is taken for four months. This is a very common medication which is given, but it has its side effects which can be a little difficult. Combination of Isoniazid and Rifapentine: Both the medications are antibiotics which require doctors attention for at least three months.

Treatment for Active TB

This is a form of the disease which will require you to take antibiotics which can easily last for six months to one year. Some of the most commonly used medication for active TB os Ethambutol, Isoniazid, Pyrazinamide, Rifampin. These are antibiotics which is tested to help specifically kill the TB strain. Most of the time, the patients are given a course of all of the four mediation to help ensure that all the TB bacteria is killed. The combination of all of the treatment can help show result in just a few weeks of treatments. Also, it is important that you ask your doctor, your disease is contagious and the ways you can help bring the right changes.

Treatment for Drug Resistance

If your body is showing resistance to the usual medication, you have a drug-resistant strain. This means that you will be treated with a combination of second-line drugs which can be less effective and take much longer to cure.