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The Harlem Directly Observed Therapy (DOT) program, where patients are supervised while medication is administered, has been effective in controlling the spread of TB.

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What is DOT and how does it work?

DOT stands for directly observed therapy. DOT means that a health care worker meets with a person who has TB to help him or her remember to take the medicines to treat TB. The health care provider watches the patient take each drug dose. DOT is convenient and easy to arrange, and it can fit into your daily routine.

Experience shows that DOT helps a patient complete TB treatment. DOT can be made to fit your daily routine. You can go to the chest clinic or a trained DOT worker can come to your home, your workplace, a park, or wherever you feel comfortable.

What's in it for me?

TB treatment can seem difficult -- it requires taking 2 or more medicines for at least 6 months. Most people have trouble remembering to take their medicines, or they stop taking their medicines when they start to feel better. When this happens, a person with TB could get sick again, and the TB germs could become resistant to the medicines.

With DOT you don't have to worry about remembering to take your medicines. You, your doctor, and a trained DOT worker become a team. All of you will work together to make sure that you are getting better. Your DOT worker may also be able to help if you have other problems that interfere with your TB treatment.

Other DOT benefits may include:

* • Free TB medication
* • Free metrocards, food, and gift certificates to fast food restaurants
* • Free social services
* • Frequent medical checkups
* • Help with transportation to and from clinics

Who's Eligible?

If you live in New York City and you have been diagnosed with TB disease, you are eligible for DOT.

Why should I do DOT?

Because it works! If you stop taking your medication before the doctor tells you to stop, or you only take some, or you only take it once in a while, your TB can come back worse than before. Then it's harder to treat and takes longer to cure.

With DOT, a worker helps you stick to your treatment. You get support. You get better faster and others around you won't get infected.

And DOT is free!!!

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The D.O.T. program is located at the Samuel L. Kountz Pavilion at Harlem Hospital. Click here for our address and directions.