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The Charles P. Felton National Tuberculosis Center at Harlem Hospital is one of three "model centers" funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It is a partnership of Harlem Hospital, Columbia University, Health & Hospitals Corporation, and New York City Department of Health. As a "model center," our mandate is to contribute to the elimination of tuberculosis (TB) as a public health problem by creating and distributing training and education products for the appropriate diagnosis and treatment of TB and latent TB infection, and by developing and testing innovative programs. The unique characteristics of the Harlem community have compelled the Center to focus on initiatives which are tailored to fit its needs, such as: providing comprehensive social support to reduce psycho-social barriers to treatment completion; developing and implementing new models of care that are sensitive to both patient and community needs; and educating and training persons who provide care to this kind of community. These programs have been conducive to the declining TB rates in Harlem and New York City, and have contributed to TB control efforts elsewhere.

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Adherence to Treatment for Latent Tuberculosis Infection: Training Curriculum and Facilitator's Guide

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