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LTBI Treatment Duration Preference Study

In this study, we assessed LTBI treatment preference of patients prior to initiation of treatment. This was prompted by the availability of various LTBI treatment regimens, including the short-course two-month regimen of rifampin and pyrazinamide (RIF/PZA). Patients are presented with a brief description of two treatment options including the number of pills, length of treatment, and possible side effects. One hundred patients (60% male, 40% female) have been enrolled with 47% preferring 9 months of isoniazid (INH) treatment and 53% preferring 2 months of RIF/PZA. Reasons stated for INH preference included concern regarding side effects (55%) and the number of pills (32%) associated with the short course regimen. Among those with preference for RIF and PZA, this was almost exclusively due to the short duration of treatment (91%)